Max Fierke

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Dawn of Disclosure

After playing Thimbleweed Park and realizing it's been over ten years since I've tried to make a game, I was inspired to start building my own point-and-click adventure.

I've got a rough outline of the story. There is some character development stuff written up and I've completed a draft puzzle dependency chart for the first act. I'm currently working on wireframe art for the first act so that I can start exploring implementation.

I've not started implementing it, but am planning on building an engine in TypeScript on top of Phaser (probably just the graphics system.)

I really have no idea what I'm doing and am basing a lot of my approach on the Thimbleweed Park development blog, so I don't expect to have anything playable for a while.

If something presentable starts to materialize, I may start writing blog posts on what I'm doing.

November 2017 — present